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Updated: Feb 28, 2018

Marked “itinerary” runs are a Swiss invention, making it's way around the world. These routes provide an excellent introduction to the world of off-piste and back country skiing and allow skiers to develop skills in an avalanche free environment. Famous itinerary routes such as Tortin, Gentianes and the Vallon D’Arby places Verbier’s on an off-piste skiers map.

Please note that these runs are reserved for expert skiers with natural features like moguls, steeps, traverse slopes, narrow tunnels and non-protected peak tops, slope sides.

1. Mont Gele - The timeless classic. This spectacular mountain is a signature experience that is a must-ski when visiting Verbier. The newly inagurated gondola takes you to 3,022 m from where you can ski as long as you dare (with a mountain guide) anyside you see or take the suggested and patroled itinerary run that will lead you to the bottom of Gentiantes - Tortin piste.

2. Col des Mines - Verbier's classic. With long traverse the itinerary will lead you over the top of Vallon D’Arby. Starting from January you have a good chance skiing in a 3m wide and 2 meter high snow tunnel. The itinerary will lead you back to Verbier's central piste network; Mayenzet lift station.

3. Vallon D’Arby - A trip to La Tzoumaz. When turning right at the top of Col des Mines pass you enter the Vallon D’Arby skiing sector. Majestic moguls and unbelivably good powder experience after a good snowfall.

4. Gentianes - Tortin - Start your trip from the top of Mont Fort at 3330m and descent down to the bottom of Gentianes - Tortin to the infamous "Toblerone" lift. Steep and amazing itinerary, perfect for advanced skiers that enjoy long mogul runs. Great view over Siviez area and Rhone Valley.

5. Chassoure -Tortin - Another must ski, when in Verbier. Chassoure - Tortin is the most popular itinerary run in Verbier ski area. Under the mogul wall, you will continiue your ski to the lift station on flowy blue runs allowing you to enjoy the beautiful nature of the valley; thousand year old evergreen trees and high alpine peaks.

6. L'Eteygeon - A special one. This itinerary will take you to a hidden valley where you will take a bus shuttle to transfer you back to the piste area. Long, not so steep run - amazing on powder days.

7. Plan du Fou - A short steep wall that will connect you to Nendaz sector.

8. Clambin - A short non-pisted run just above Chez Dany restaurant. Perfect for first time mogul skiers.

9. La cot - Bruson - The only itinerary below the forest line, best on powder days. A 10-15 m wide itinerary run surrounded by forest. Perfect for tree skiing! Usually not as crowded as other itineraries - a good pick when looking for a private skiing experience!

10. Bruson - Le Chable - Limited access - only skiable about a month or two a year when the Bagnes valley is covered by snow. Best chance: January - February. The itinerary takes you trough villages and snowy roads down to Le Chable lift station.

11. Bruson - Les Otanes - Limited access - only skiable about a month or two a year when the Bagnes valley is covered by snow. Best chance: January - February. The itinerary takes you trough villages, forests and alpine pastures.

Ask The Verbier Collection Concierge team to book a Mountain Guide or a Ski Instructor to show you the best of the pistes and off-piste.

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